Harness Racing Schedule

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Harness Racing Schedule

Date Stakes Track Age & Sex Purse
Jun 20,2019 NYSS Yonkers 2YOCP $135,000
Jun 20,2019Excelsior Yonkers 2YOCP $15,000
Jun 20,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOCT $87,000
Jun 21,2019 Graduate Ser. Meadowlands 4YOT $75,000
Jun 21,2019Buckeye Stallion Scioto 3YOCT $17,500
Jun 22,2019 ONSS Mohawk 3YOFP $180,000
Jun 22,2019Ben Franklin Elim Pocono 3&UP $35,000
Jun 22,2019Great Northeast Ser. Pocono 4&UP $30,000
Jun 22,2019Max Hempt Elim Pocono 3YOP $25,000
Jun 22,2019Earl Beal Jr Elim Pocono 3YOT $25,000
Jun 22,2019James Lynch Elim Pocono 3YOFP $20,000
Jun 23,2019 NYSS Buffalo 3YOFT $102,000
Jun 23,2019Excelsior Buffalo 3YOFT $15,000
Jun 23,2019Great Northeast Philadelphia 4&UT $30,000
Jun 23,2019Great Northeast Philadelphia 4&UMP $30,000
Jun 24,2019 ONSS Mohawk 3YOCT $180,000
Jun 24,2019NYSS Monticello 2YOFP $92,000
Jun 24,2019Excelsior Monticello 2YOFP $15,000
Jun 25,2019 NYSS Yonkers 3YOCT $146,500
Jun 25,2019Excelsior Yonkers 3YOCT $15,000
Jun 26,2019 NYSS Buffalo 2YOFT $92,000
Jun 26,2019Excelsior Buffalo 2YOFT $15,000
Jun 26,2019The Star Destroyer Hoosier 3YOFT $50,000
Jun 27,2019 NYSS Yonkers 3YOCP $146,500
Jun 27,2019Excelsior Yonkers 3YOCP $15,000
Jun 27,2019The Star Destroyer Hoosier 3YOCT $50,000
Jun 28,2019 NYSS Yonkers 3YOFP $146,500
Jun 28,2019Excelsior Yonkers 3YOFP $15,000
Jun 28,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOFP $87,000
Jun 28,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOCP $87,000
Jun 28,2019Graduate Ser. Meadowlands 4YOP $75,000
Jun 28,2019NJSS Meadowlands 2YOCP $20,000
Jun 28,2019NJSS Meadowlands 2YOCT $20,000
Jun 28,2019NJSS Meadowlands 2YOFP $20,000
Jun 28,2019NJSS Meadowlands 2YOFT $20,000
Jun 28,2019Tompkins-Geers Tioga 3YOCP $68,000
Jun 28,2019Tompkins-Geers Tioga 3YOFP $68,000
Jun 28,2019The Star Destroyer Hoosier 3YOCP $50,000
Jun 28,2019The Star Destroyer Hoosier 3YOFP $50,000
Jun 28,2019Buckeye Stallion Scioto 3YOCP $17,500
Jun 29,2019 Ben Franklin Final Pocono 3&UP $500,000
Jun 29,2019Max Hempt Final Pocono 3YOP $500,000
Jun 29,2019Earl Beal Jr Final Pocono 3YOT $500,000
Jun 29,2019James Lynch Final Pocono 3YOFP $300,000
Jun 29,2019Great Northeast Ser. Pocono 4&UMP $75,000
Jun 29,2019Great Northeast Ser. Pocono 4&UT $75,000
Jun 29,2019ONSS Gold Mohawk 3YOCP $180,000
Jun 29,2019Cleveland Trotting Classic Northfield 4&UP $175,000
Jun 29,2019OHSS Northfield 3YOCP $40,000
Jun 30,2019 NYSS Tioga 2YOCT $92,000
Jun 30,2019Excelsior Tioga 2YOCT $15,000
Jun 30,2019Great Northeast Ser. Philadelphia 4&UP $30,000
Jul 1,2019NYSS Monticello 2YOCP$92,000
Jul 1,2019Excelsior Monticello 2YOCP$15,000
Jul 1,2019PA Stallion Meadows 2YOFT$20,000
Jul 1,2019Buckeye Stallion Northfield 2YOFT$17,500
Jul 2,2019PASS Meadows 2YOFT$185,000
Jul 2,2019Buckeye Stallion Scioto 2YOCT$17,500
Jul 3,2019ONSS Grand River 3YOFT$180,000
Jul 3,2019NYSS Buffalo 2YOFP$92,000
Jul 3,2019Excelsior Buffalo 2YOFP$15,000
Jul 3,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOFT$87,000
Jul 3,2019OHSS Northfield 2YOFT$40,000
Jul 3,2019PA Stallion Meadows 2YOCP$20,000
Jul 4,2019ONSS Mohawk 2YOCT$180,000
Jul 4,2019NYSS Tioga 2YOFT$92,000
Jul 4,2019Excelsior Tioga 2YOFT$15,000
Jul 4,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOCT$87,000
Jul 4,2019OHSS Scioto 2YOCT$40,000
Jul 4,2019OHSS Scioto 2YOCP$40,000
Jul 5,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOCP$87,000
Jul 5,2019OHSS Northfield 2YOFP$40,000
Jul 5,2019NJSS Meadowlands 2YOCT$20,000
Jul 5,2019NJSS Meadowlands 2YOFT$20,000
Jul 5,2019NJSS Meadowlands 2YOCP$20,000
Jul 5,2019NJSS Meadowlands 2YOFP$20,000
Jul 5,2019Kindergarten Meadowlands 2YOCP$10,000
Jul 5,2019Kindergarten Meadowlands 2YOFP$10,000
Jul 5,2019Landmark Goshen Historic 2YOT$13,000
Jul 5,2019Landmark Goshen Historic 3YOT$12,000
Jul 5,2019Landmark Goshen Historic 3YOP$12,000
Jul 5,2019Landmark Goshen Historic 2YOP$10,000
Jul 5,2019Landmark Goshen Historic 2YOFP$8,000
Jul 5,2019Landmark Goshen Historic 2YOFT$8,000
Jul 5,2019Landmark Goshen Historic 3YOFP$6,000
Jul 5,2019Landmark Goshen Historic 3YOFT$6,000
Jul 6,2019Graduate Series Final Meadowlands 4YOP$250,000
Jul 6,2019Graduate Series Final Meadowlands 4YOT$250,000
Jul 6,2019Reynolds Meadowlands 3YOFT$60,000
Jul 6,2019Meadowlands Pace Elim Meadowlands 3YOCP$50,000
Jul 6,2019PASS Meadows 2YOCP$185,000
Jul 6,2019ONSS Gold Mohawk 2YOCP$180,000
Jul 6,2019PA All-Stars Pocono 3YOCT$75,000
Jul 6,2019Great Northeast Pocono 4&UP$30,000
Jul 6,2019Sheppard Pace Elim Yonkers 2YOCP$25,000
Jul 6,2019Buckeye Stallion Northfield 2YOCP$17,500
Jul 7,2019Kin Pace Final Clinton 3YOFP$60,000
Jul 7,2019Great Northeast Pocono 4&UT$30,000
Jul 7,2019Great Northeast Pocono 4&UMP$30,000
Jul 7,2019MSRF Ocean 3YOCP$25,000
Jul 7,2019MSRF Ocean 3YOFT$25,000
Jul 8,2019ONSS Gold Mohawk 2YOFP$180,000
Jul 8,2019NYSS Yonkers 2YOCT$135,000
Jul 8,2019Excelsior Yonkers 2YOCT$15,000
Jul 8,2019PA All-Stars Pocono 2YOCT$75,000
Jul 9,2019INSS Hoosier 2YOFT$122,500
Jul 9,2019PA All-Stars Pocono 2YOFT$75,000
Jul 9,2019Buckeye Stallion Scioto 2YOFP$17,500
Jul 10,2019INSS Hoosier 2YOFP$122,500
Jul 10,2019NYSS Buffalo 2YOCP$92,000
Jul 10,2019Excelsior Buffalo 2YOCP$15,000
Jul 10,2019MSRF Ocean 3YOCT$25,000
Jul 10,2019MSRF Ocean 3YOFP$25,000
Jul 10,2019Buckeye Stallion Northfield 2YOCT$17,500
Jul 11,2019ONSS Gold Mohawk 2YOFT$180,000
Jul 11,2019INSS Hoosier 2YOCP$122,500
Jul 11,2019NYSS Yonkers 2YOFP$135,000
Jul 11,2019Excelsior Yonkers 2YOFP$15,000
Jul 12,2019NJSS Final Meadowlands 2YOCT$125,000
Jul 12,2019NJSS Final Meadowlands 2YOFT$125,000
Jul 12,2019NJSS Final Meadowlands 2YOCP$100,000
Jul 12,2019NJSS Final Meadowlands 2YOFP$100,000
Jul 12,2019Kindergarten Meadowlands 2YOCT$10,000
Jul 12,2019Kindergarten Meadowlands 2YOFT$10,000
Jul 12,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOFP$87,000
Jul 12,2019OHSS Northfield 2YOCT$40,000
Jul 13,2019Meadowlands Pace Final Meadowlands 3YOCP$650,000
Jul 13,2019W.R. Haughton Memorial Meadowlands 3&UP$475,000
Jul 13,2019Hambletonian Maturity Meadowlands 4YOT$400,000
Jul 13,2019Stanley Dancer Trot Meadowlands 3YOCT$350,000
Jul 13,2019Del Miller Memorial Meadowlands 3YOFT$250,000
Jul 13,2019Golden Girls Meadowlands 3&UF&MP$200,000
Jul 13,2019Mistletoe Shalee Meadowlands 3YOFP$190,000
Jul 13,2019INSS Hoosier 2YOCT$122,500
Jul 13,2019Sheppard Pace Final Yonkers 2YOCP$100,000
Jul 13,2019PA All-Stars Pocono 2YOFP$75,000
Jul 14,2019NYSS Tioga 3YOFT$102,000
Jul 14,2019Excelsior Tioga 3YOFT$15,000
Jul 14,2019PA All-Stars Pocono 2YOCP$75,000
Jul 14,2019Great Northeast Pocono 4&UMP$30,000
Jul 14,2019Great Northeast Pocono 4&UT$30,000
Jul 14,2019MDSS Final Ocean 3YOCP$67,000
Jul 14,2019MDSS Final Ocean 3YOFT$67,000
Jul 14,2019Great Northeast Philadelphia 4&UP$30,000
Jul 14,2019Dan Patch Elim Running Aces 3&UP$15,000
Jul 15,2019ONSS Gold Mohawk 2YOCP$180,000
Jul 15,2019NYSS Monticello 3YOFP$102,000
Jul 15,2019Excelsior Monticello 3YOFP$15,000
Jul 15,2019PA Stallion Meadows 2YOCT$20,000
Jul 16,2019PASS Meadows 2YOCT$185,000
Jul 16,2019NYSS Yonkers 2YOFT$135,000
Jul 16,2019Excelsior Yonkers 2YOFT$15,000
Jul 16,2019Buckeye Stallion Scioto 2YOCP$17,500
Jul 17,2019NYSS Buffalo 2YOCT$92,000
Jul 17,2019Excelsior Buffalo 2YOCT$15,000
Jul 17,2019MDSS Final Ocean 3YOFP$67,000
Jul 17,2019MDSS Final Ocean 3YOCT$67,000
Jul 17,2019Buckeye Stallion Northfield 2YOFP$17,500
Jul 18,2019ONSS Gold Mohawk 3YOFT$180,000
Jul 18,2019NYSS Vernon 3YOCP$102,000
Jul 18,2019Excelsior Vernon 3YOCP$15,000
Jul 18,2019OHSS Scioto 2YOFT$40,000
Jul 18,2019Buckeye Stallion Scioto 3YOFP$17,500
Jul 18,2019PA Stallion Philadelphia 2YOFT$20,000
Jul 19,2019ONSS Gold Mohawk 2YOFP$180,000
Jul 19,2019PASS Philadelphia 2YOFT$175,000
Jul 19,2019Nadia Lobell Hoosier 3YOFP$150,000
Jul 19,2019NYSS Tioga 3YOCT$102,000
Jul 19,2019Excelsior Tioga 3YOCT$15,000
Jul 19,2019OHSS Scioto 3YOCT$40,000
Jul 19,2019OHSS Scioto 2YOFP$40,000
Jul 19,2019Kindergarten Meadowlands 2YOCP$10,000
Jul 19,2019Kindergarten Meadowlands 2YOCT$10,000
Jul 19,2019Kindergarten Meadowlands 2YOFP$10,000
Jul 19,2019Kindergarten Meadowlands 2YOFT$10,000
Jul 20,2019Joe Gerrity Saratoga 3&UP$260,000
Jul 20,2019NYSS Saratoga 2YOCP$139,500
Jul 20,2019Excelsior Saratoga 2YOCP$15,000
Jul 20,2019PASS Meadows 2YOFP$185,000
Jul 20,2019Adios Elim Meadows 3YOCP$25,000
Jul 20,2019PA Stallion Meadows 2YOFP$20,000
Jul 20,2019Tompkins-Geers Meadowlands 3YOCT$59,000
Jul 20,2019Tompkins-Geers Meadowlands 3YOFT$65,000
Jul 20,2019Great Northeast Pocono 4&UP$30,000
Jul 20,2019Buckeye Stallion Northfield 3YOCT$17,500
Jul 21,2019ONSS Gold Rideau Carleton 3YOCT$180,000
Jul 21,2019Dan Patch Final Running Aces 3&UP$50,000
Jul 21,2019MDSS Ocean 4&5YOP$25,000
Jul 21,2019Great Northeast Philadelphia 4&UMP$30,000
Jul 21,2019Great Northeast Philadelphia 4&UT$30,000
Jul 22,2019Buckeye Stallion Northfield 3YOCP$17,500
Jul 22,2019Buckeye Stallion Northfield 3YOFT$17,500
Jul 23,2019ONSS Georgian Gold 2YOCT$180,000
Jul 24,2019ONSS Grand River Gold 2YOFT$180,000
Jul 24,2019NYSS Batavia 2YOFT$92,000
Jul 24,2019Excelsior Batavia 2YOFT$15,000
Jul 24,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOFT$87,000
Jul 24,2019MDSS Ocean 4&5YOT$25,000
Jul 25,2019DSBF Final Harrington 3YOCP$100,000
Jul 25,2019DSBF Final Harrington 3YOCT$100,000
Jul 25,2019DSBF Final Harrington 3YOFP$100,000
Jul 25,2019DSBF Final Harrington 3YOFT$100,000
Jul 25,2019NYSS Vernon 2YOCT$92,000
Jul 25,2019INSS Hoosier 2YOCP$122,500
Jul 25,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOCT$87,000
Jul 26,2019NYSS Tioga 2YOFP$92,000
Jul 26,2019Excelsior Tioga 2YOFP$15,000
Jul 26,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOCP$87,000
Jul 26,2019Arden Downs Meadows 2YOFT$61,000
Jul 26,2019Arden Downs Meadows 2YOCT$41,000
Jul 26,2019OHSS Scioto 3YOFT$40,000
Jul 26,2019OHSS Scioto 3YOFP$40,000
Jul 26,2019Peter Haughton Mem Elim Meadowlands 2YOCT$20,000
Jul 26,2019Jim Doherty Mem Elim Meadowlands 2YOFT$20,000
Jul 26,2019Excelsior Vernon 2YOCT$15,000
Jul 27,2019Adios Final Meadows 3YOCP$400,000
Jul 27,2019Adioo Volo Meadows 3YOFP$121,000
Jul 27,2019ONSS Gold Mohawk 3YOFP$180,000
Jul 27,2019NYSS Yonkers 3YOCT$146,500
Jul 27,2019Excelsior Yonkers 3YOCT$15,000
Jul 27,2019Reynolds Meadowlands 3YOCT$90,000
Jul 27,2019Hambletonian Oaks Elim Meadowlands 3YOFT$35,000
Jul 27,2019Arden Downs Meadows 3YOFT$56,000
Jul 27,2019Arden Downs Meadows 3YOCT$52,000
Jul 27,2019Arden Downs Meadows 2YOCP$47,000
Jul 27,2019Arden Downs Meadows 2YOFP$47,000
Jul 27,2019INSS Hoosier 3YOFP$87,000
Jul 27,2019OHSS 3YOCP
Jul 28,2019Spirit of Massachusetts Plainridge 3&UT$250,000
Jul 28,2019Clara Barton Plainridge 3&UF&MP$100,000
Jul 28,2019NYSS Batavia 2YOCP$92,000
Jul 28,2019Excelsior Batavia 2YOCP$15,000
Jul 28,2019Great Northeast Philadelphia 4&UP$30,000
Jul 28,2019Great Northeast Philadelphia 4&UT$30,000
Jul 28,2019Great Northeast Philadelphia 4&UF&MP$30,000
Jul 28,2019MSRF Ocean 2YOCP$25,000
Jul 28,2019MSRF Ocean 2YOFT$25,000
Jul 29,2019NYSS Monticello 3YOFT$102,000
Jul 29,2019Excelsior Monticello 3YOFT$15,000
Jul 29,2019Battle of Waterloo Elim Grand River 2YOP$15,000
Jul 29,2019Battle of The Belles Elim Grand River 2YOFP$10,000
Jul 29,2019Dream Maker Mohawk 2YOP$14,000
Jul 30,2019NYSS Saratoga 3YOFP$154,500
Jul 30,2019Excelsior Saratoga 3YOFP$15,000
Jul 30,2019INSS Hoosier 2YOCT$122,500
Jul 30,2019INSS Hoosier 2YOFT$122,500
Jul 30,2019Whenuwishuponastar Mohawk 2YOFP$14,000
Jul 31,2019INSS Hoosier 2YOFP$122,500
Jul 31,2019MSRF Ocean 2YOCT$25,000
Jul 31,2019MSRF Ocean 2YOFP$25,000

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